The Red Line

by SickOnes

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Second release from UK hardcore trio SickOnes


released September 2, 2016

Drums: Andy
Vocals: Ben
Guitars: Charlie

Produced by Ben E Turner & SickOnes at SpaceWolf Studios, UK.

Engineered & Mixed by Ben E Turner

Mastered by Joe Caithness

All compositions copyright control.



all rights reserved


SickOnes UK

Hardcore trio with a healthy respect for 80s punk pioneers. Frantic old school sound blended with modern fury.

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Track Name: I Don't Exist
I'm not going to sit around wasting my time on this, just a distraction from what is real.
The boasting and the pride is all you'll ever see, so when you come looking, you won't find me.
I don't exist.
I refuse to be apart of your world.
Stop comparing your life to those you want to be. Trust me they hate themselves, a side you'll never see.
They need your admiration so that they have validation.
This entire generation now lives in isolation.
I don't exist.
Every hour, every day, staring at your phone, it drives me insane. Look at me when I'm talking to you.
At first we had a choice and could choose what we say, but then they silenced our voice and now they make us pay.
All the time I wasted, away from what's true, I will never get back and neither will you.
Track Name: Destructive Escapism
You won't see me trying to find a way out of a life that's on a dead end road.
You won't see me trying to find a way out of a life that's on a pitiful course of self destruction, nihilistic way to be free. Escaping life with ecstasy. Embracing my reality.
Live in the now, your fallacy be. Thinking about, talking about how to be free.
It's a dead end road.
I create, I destroy life.
Track Name: The Red Line
"Pure expression"

The red line.
Track Name: Exile
I never want to go back down so low.
I never want to go but I never want to stay.
Don't want to be a castaway, but exile's got its hold on me.
Forty days, forty nights, this is my time now.
I see dark, no more sight, past the red line now.
In this world, I exist, freedom is mine.