The Volition EP

by SickOnes

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The debut EP from Hardcore trio SickOnes.


released March 31, 2016

Drums: Andy Wrintmore
Vocals: Benjamin J Curd
Guitars: Charlie Jones-West

Produced by Josh Gallop at Alt/Avenue & SickOnes

All compositions copyright control.



all rights reserved


SickOnes UK

Hardcore trio with a healthy respect for 80s punk pioneers. Frantic old school sound blended with modern fury.

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Track Name: SickOnes
You said things would get better, but they never did.
I had my hopes for the future, and watched them all die.
I had so many questions trapped as a kid.
But all the answers were just another lie.
Nothing ever changes, changes nothing ever.
I hate society, for what it's done to me.
The world doesn't owe you, you owe it to the world.
If you want to make a difference, do it for yourself.
Track Name: WhoMe?
I can see it in your eyes.

Your words are a distraction.
Stop leading misdirection.
What do you want from me?
I have nothing to give.

I can see it in your eyes.

You'll never understand, I'm just not into you.
But I keep on walking, keep on talking, just to see it through.
I never understood why you say the the things you do.
One things for sure I'll stop wasting all my time on you.
Track Name: Doubt
Quitting is my nature.
(Quitting nature)
It's all I've ever done.
(All I've ever done)
Will this be my future or just past.

Thoughts of giving up, thoughts of giving in.
Who am I to tell me to throw it all away?

I have a vision in my head, that I now see. I will not stop until death gets the best of me.
Track Name: Parasite
They warned about you since day one.
But I ignored and became your fool.
Now regret everything I've done.
Now regret everything I've done.

This is the last time I'll be a slave to you.
Your just a parasite who feeds off everything I do.
I know that you want it and I know that you'll get it, but it won't be from me and I sure won't regret it.
Track Name: The Flock
I don't judge how you live your life, so don't you dare make me question mine.
I know that your just another sheep, but your abuse is where I draw the line.

You spend your weekends out on the town. Drink after drink, 'til you fall to the ground.
How can you justify that?

You claim that you've got an open mind, yet your the first to fall to your knees.
Hypocrite is all you really are. search for yourself, what do you really believe?

You say your different but your just the same. Like all the others who put me to shame.
Track Name: Volition
I just want to be alone
Why can't I just be alone
I just want to be alone
Instead of being here with you
Track Name: Castaway
Lost at sea.

I tried my hardest to forget but these memories they never ever end.

If this is what it means to be alive, then I'd rather be dead.